Manifestation Defined

Manifestation is the process of bringing what you want into your life by using the Law Of Creation, also known as the Law Of Attraction.

The Importance of Believing
The Impossible Is Possible!

When we talk about manifestation, or manifesting your reality, what we really mean is creating a world around you that contains the things that you want, be that people, places, wealth, or any other tangible or intangible thing which you can imagine and which can exist on planet Earth.

So, yes, manifestation is a wonderful process, and it has certainly has changed the lives of thousands of people on this planet.

And of course one question people always ask is: “If manifestation really works, and we have the ability to manifest whatever we want, then why is there so much poverty and distress in human society?”

Well, the short and simple answer to that would be, “Are you using manifestation to get what you want?” I guess that in fact you’re not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this website.

Neither are most of the rest of the world… at least, they’re not using it to create positive outcomes. However, a lot of people are creating negative outcomes, that’s for sure.

Of course there are plenty of people who claim they have tried to use the process for themselves, and who complain that it simply never produced anything.

This seems to be because they aren’t really using the universal principles, or laws if you prefer, of creation and attraction correctly.

When Rhonda Byrne published her book “The Secret“, millions of people were attracted to the idea of creating their own reality – but millions of them failed to achieve anything, becoming disillusioned, skeptical, and sometimes even downright scornful of the whole concept of manifestation.

But truth is, it really does work. The catch is, creating your reality – which is how we define manifestation – isn’t an easy process.

That’s not the impression you get from many of the books on this subject, which imply that all you have to do is come up with a goal or objective, close your eyes, visualize intensively, and it’ll mysteriously land in your lap without any more effort.

However, as you’ll very soon discover if you try it, sitting around visualizing your goal or objective without doing anything to make it happen isn’t going to bring it to you any time soon.

Also, although visualization is an essential part of the process, there are other things that really have to be done as well before manifestation begins to work.

As we’ll see, the three essential components of creating your reality are desire, belief, and expectancy. In addition to that, you need to take action to bring it to you.

Most people who want something, never really want it strongly enough for it to appear in their lives.

You have to be really passionate – and I mean really, really passionate – about your desired outcome.

You must want it with a desire so intense that you become completely focused on it …. only then will the Law Of Creation (as I said, also known as the Law Of Attraction) cooperate with you and begin to set in sequence the events that will lead to you knowing the art of manifestation of your desired outcome in the world.

But desire is only part of the equation. The emotional energy of desire is what fuels the process of manifestation. But it isn’t enough on its own: you also have to to believe, believe with complete certainty, that you will get what you are “programming” to appear in your life.

I think the main reason why most people’s attempts at manifestation fail is because they just can’t sustain a continuous powerful belief in the process of creation.

One reason for this is that there are so many distractions around us in our lives. Another is that most of us learn pretty early on in life that we don’t generally get what we want. To put this simply, it’s hard for us to believe that we can get the things we desire.

Yet overcoming this doubt is essential if manifestation is to work for you. Obviously we’ll look at how you can do this elsewhere on this website.

And as you might recall, I mentioned expectancy is the other element of this process.

You see, although I might believe that I could have $1 million in my bank account by the end of next year, whether or not I actually achieve that doesn’t just depend on my belief system. If I don’t also expect it to happen, the universe knows I’m not making any effort to achieve that outcome – and sure enough, it will never appear.

If you’re still confused about the difference between belief and expectancy, think of it this way: I believe that a man can build a computer empire that brings computing to the masses and makes the PC available to everyone, and that he’ll make a fortune doing so.

Indeed, that man exists: his name is Bill Gates.

However, I don’t expect to build a computer empire that will bring computing to the masses. It just doesn’t interest me, and perhaps I don’t even have the skills necessary to do it. Who knows?

The Importance of Believing The Impossible Is Possible

When you look at the history of mankind and womankind, you’ll find miracles of manifestation and creation everywhere, throughout history.

As long as people have been on this planet, they’ve created their reality. Unfortunately, often that reality has been very negative – at least to our eyes.

What you have to understand here is that the Law Of Attraction, or the Law Of Creation, whichever you prefer, is completely impersonal.

It’s a law of nature which basically responds to your thoughts and behavior, and produces whatever you are focusing on, whatever signals you are sending out into the universe.

It seems that for some reason not clear to us yet, the basic orientation of the human mind is towards the negative. Perhaps that’s because we are equipped with the emotion of fear.

Fear is very necessary, it’s a defense mechanism against the unexpected, and it can save us from great harm by either helping us to fight adverse circumstances or to escape from them, among other things.

But, besides being so useful, I think fear is responsible for the negative orientation of most people, who seem to live in constant expectation of adversity, debt, misfortune, conflict, disharmony, mutual antagonism, and danger.

And a life lived with a lack of excitement, a lack of achievement, and a lack of success, is often a life that’s been lived with more negative fear than positive hope and expectation.

So in one way or at least, your ability to make the Law Of Creation work, and manifest what you want, depends on you going against your basic human nature, and overcoming fear. The good news is, there are ways to do that.

It also depends on you believing that you can achieve those things that may seem impossible. Yet if you want $1 million in your bank account you are going to have to believe, with every fiber of your being, that you can achieve that.

If you want to have a relationship with a beautiful partner, who loves you and who is receptive to your love, then you must believe that such a thing is possible.

Indeed, no matter what your objective, your first and most important hurdle is to believe that it’s possible for you to achieve it.

Without such belief, you’ll never be able to manifest it, no matter how many hours a day you spend visualizing and meditating. So my question to you is, can you believe the impossible?

And because this website is about making manifestation work, not discouraging you from even trying, I’ll explain plenty of techniques that you can use to get what you want, no matter what your level of belief might be at the moment.

But there’s more ground to cover first.

In the next post will have a look at the importance of desire and expectancy. Then we’ll go onto the final component of this process: taking action.