Manifesting Money Part 8

So we need to move on with our examination of Marc Allen’s principles set out in his Millionaire Course.

Spirituality & Manifestation

In doing so, we come to the idea of spirituality.

Like it or not, I think you probably know at some deep level that we are in essence spiritual beings. But how you interpret the word “spiritual” depends entirely on your individual perception and understanding.

But I think it’s fair to say that we all look for some deeper meaning to the world beyond a simple physical existence.

And of course civilizations in human society have looked for deeper meanings to their existence for generations – it appears to be a thread that runs through the entire course of human history, which in itself strongly suggests there is more meaning to our existence than our existence on the physical plane would suggest.

Now it’s certainly true that you don’t need to be spiritual adept to make the principles of the law of attraction work for you: however manifestation and the use of the law of attraction to create a reality that is different to the one currently around you are inherently spiritual processes…..

So, how can we square our understanding of the world of spirit with the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever for it beyond personal experience and testimony?

That is, of course, the ultimate “act of faith”.

Even so, simple spiritual practices like meditation, relaxation, deep psychotherapy, and even transient moments of spiritual connection with the greater universe that come from being in nature can be catalysts for an understanding of spirituality.

You may well have experienced your own moments of connection with what felt like something much larger and expansive than you, yet in a form you couldn’t tangibly access.

But what’s the point of me talking about this?

Essentially it’s quite simple. Manifestation depends on our understanding that everything in the physical reality around us manifests in some way from the cosmic consciousness, or the energetic void, or the place beyond a physical reality that represents the spiritual essence of the universe.

When you manifest something out of this “spiritual essence” you are of course connecting with that spiritual energy in some way.

And while it isn’t necessary to have a spiritual practice to be able to manifest things successfully, it’s a darn sight easier.

And to live a spiritual life is not really so difficult when you remember that you are a spiritual being and when you find a spiritual practice that suits you.

Gradually, as you shed the emotional “blocks” of your existence on this planet, you become more easily able to access the energy of the universe beyond physical reality, and when you can do that, you can set in force the mysterious processes of manifestation. And you will be an adept at controlling  Laws of Attraction!

Still puzzled, or looking for a hint about what to do next?

Essentially, the two easiest ways of achieving spiritual insight and connection are to use deep relaxation and meditation.

The practices of deep relaxation and meditation will ensure that you are able to move beyond the stresses and tension of everyday life, and perhaps take you back to a place of simplicity and lightness – of grace, perhaps.

You can, if you like, adopt a practice of prayer… Asking God, or whatever name you give to the spiritual force beyond yourself, what his/her will is for you and what you need to do to manifest it on the planet.

Although we’ve covered the subject of affirmations elsewhere on this website, let me just remind you that affirmations can be a powerful way of ensuring that your mind is working in harmony and coordination with the forces beyond your physical existence.

And declarations are interesting too: a simple form of prayer: a key which can help you access the mature generativity of the mature King in his fullness, or the mature Queen in her fullness.

Because the universe will, when you are sufficiently sensitive to its ways, follow your decrees, and manifest whatever it is you want to appear in your world.

Video – Affirmations

If you would like to meditate, my personal recommendation is that you find a group of people who teach a simple breathing meditation, or, if you live in the United Kingdom, examine the meditation trust, who teach Transcendental Meditation.

This is derived from the teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, but it costs considerably less than his organisation charges. I don’t know if there’s a similar organization the United States.

The object of the exercise, as you may well know, is to be able to hold grace and emptiness without your thoughts drifting off into the everyday distractions that occupy most of our minds.

It’s the business, or the activity, of our minds which holds us away from our connection with the universal power beyond ourselves.

Marc Allen has many other similar ideas about meditation and relaxation in his book The Millionaire Course: a Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams. I highly recommend them.