The Art Of Manifesting Money (Part 1)

There’s a really interesting book on the market called The Millionaire Course (a Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams), by Marc Allen.

For anyone who’s interested in the manifestation of abundance, it’s well worth reading. For one thing, there are many powerful ideas in it: including philosophical principles, insights, and exercises – all of which are designed to bring about change in your life in a way that feeds your soul.

Here’s an important one: if what you’re trying to manifest doesn’t feed your soul, then something is wrong. You are, in effect, just changing one set of miserable circumstances for another, except that in the second set you are going to be wealthy.

But what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

I know that’s a kind of philosophical abstract, but if you want to be happy, what you do in life needs to be something that’s in line with your basic beliefs and values.

Why? Because it’s those things which make you who you are, and offer true fulfillment and happiness.

In my view, the way that you earn money, or generate abundance, needs to be in line with what makes you the person you are.

Video – Marc Allen’s personal journey

It’s a philosophy that Marc Allen understands, because he’s written this book to help everyone create their own personal map of the route to success…. A route that not only will improve the quality of your own life, but in the process improve the quality of the world around you.

As one of his reviewers said, “Marc Allen has shown us once again that the world is made not of problems but of dreams. An uncanny combination of the practical and inspirational, I recommend it highly.”

Manifestation in the $ millions

Happily for us, because the book is a rather magnificent 300 pages long, Mark also provides a short course at the end.

That’s rather an elegant way of summing up the principles of manifestation – and here they are:

1 Decide What You Want to Do with Your Life – and Make It Something You Love

Marc’s proposition is that thing we really want to do with our life is the thing we love the most. It’s an interesting viewpoint, and I suppose what arises for me from this – assuming that it’s true – is the fascinating implication that no matter what it is that motivates us, no matter what makes our heart sing with joy, there is a way of making money from it. A lot of people would see that as a big assumption.

2 Do It, and Keep Doing It in Whatever Way You Can. That Way You’ll Get Good at It

The suggestion here is that no matter what it is that you love to do, you keep doing it at every opportunity – and if you’re not making money from it, that might mean doing it at weekends, or evenings, or wherever you can. Why? Because this is your soul purpose.

Manifestation might mean doing things that show you how much your soul purpose is worth to you: as in, for example, how much TV time would you be willing to give up to pursue your interest in whatever it is that “makes your heart sing with joy” – for that’s probably your soul purpose.

3 Picture Yourself Being Successful As You Do What You Love to Do 

A very necessary part of ensuring that your manifestation helps you to live the life you should be living – your soul purpose – is making sure that your visualize your success at every opportunity. In other words, take a few minutes every day to imagine yourself enjoying all the success you could ever wish for.

4 Make a Plan, and Take the First Obvious Steps

And finally, it goes without saying that dreaming alone is not enough – you must take action to ensure your dreams are made manifest.

And yet nothing more than a simple plan is necessary to help you achieve this – every time you dream, make a plan to take the next obvious step. And if you do this every time you’ve taken a step, success is inevitable.

As Marc says: “Do what you love to do – not only will money follow, but you’ll find far greater rewards as well: satisfaction, fulfillment, even self-actualization…. You’ll discover that your life has a great and glorious purpose…. The ultimate purpose is to transform your life and your world by doing what you love to do.”

Manifesting This in Reality

And of course the obvious question that comes up here is: could it really be so simple?

If it’s that simple, you might ask why The Millionaire Course is 300 pages long!

Fair question!

So let’s take a look at some of the detail behind Marc’s ideas – obviously it’s not going to be possible to set out in this blog everything he says in a 300 page book, but we can look at some of the main concepts.

To start with he emphasizes that each of us is unique. And so all of the concepts – of which there are many – in his book may not necessarily apply to everyone. In other words, there is a need to find your own truth here, to find your own way.

And certainly he also emphasizes the fact that the keys to success are in your hands – in other words, you’re responsible for your success. You need to find ways to deal with the fears and doubts that come up when you start to change and grow and expand your consciousness. You need to find the techniques that work for you in making the world manifest what you want.

A lot of the techniques that Marc describes come from a book written in 1904: As You Think by James Allen.

And one of the fundamental principles that he took from As You Think was the simple and straightforward idea that the combination of clear intention and commitment to an idea at every level is really the passport to success, the thing that makes a dream into a reality.

Although that sounds simple, those are the ideas which underlie success, and those are the ideas which can make you into a “visionary”.

By that, we simply mean somebody who can picture a life lived in the way that they want it to be – and that’s probably far better than it currently is.

And the key to being a visionary is to be able to visualize and to ensure your manifestation happens. In other words, to picture your ideal life in your mind, and to hold onto that so fast and tight that it implants itself into your subconscious mind.

Manifestation 1

In the light of those principles, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that the very first and most important thing you need to do on the way to being the visionary of your own life is to imagine exactly how your life needs to be to manifest fulfillment and happiness.

In other words, you need to define what success means for you, you need to list your objectives, and you need to make sure that they’re based on your ideal life vision.

Marc reminds us, quite rightly, that having a goal of being a millionaire is rather an empty goal. But, as he says, “when imagining your ideal scene, the important thing is not the money involved – the money is only a tool that helps you live the life of your dreams. A great many people can live the life they dream of without needing to become millionaires first to do it.… What kind of life do you want create for yourself? That’s the worthwhile question to ask.”

So once you’ve set your list of goals, Marc recommends embodying them into your consciousness by repeating them at every opportunity, and reading them as affirmations repeatedly.

And, he says, begin or end each goal with these words: “in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.

In the next post we’ll carry on looking at Marc’s ideas….