Manifesting Your Desired Outcomes

Sidebar: Expect the Unexpected

As you may know, one of the things that seems to happen when you start manifesting reality is that you get unexpected results. Or you get something that you didn’t want. Or you get something that doesn’t match what you were programming for.

For sure, anyone who’s used the Law of Attraction to manifest anything will have had these experiences, and they can be very destructive of your belief and confidence in conscious creation if you don’t know why it’s happening that way.

Whenever you experience something manifesting that you didn’t think about, that you weren’t expecting, it’s almost always a necessary steppingstone, an intermediary stage, on the way to some other end result. As Mike Dooley puts it, these steppingstones represent the cursed hows – the things that we don’t have to worry about, the things we can leave to the universe.

When you think about most manifestations in your life, you might recognize that they were only made possible through a series of events that was so complicated and extraordinary it couldn’t have arisen “by chance” ,
but could only have been the product of some extraordinary cosmic force maneuvering events around to produce a particular outcome.

Manifesting A New Relationship

I remember when I was visualizing myself in a wonderful relationship with a soulmate. Many years ago this was, but I was spending my time imagining every afternoon for an hour or so what it would be like to be in a wonderful relationship… with juicy images of all the wonderful things that might flow from that happy state of being alive!

And then I decided to go on holiday to Greece. I booked my two-week slot at a wonderful retreat center, on the edge of the Aegean Sea, and sat back and relaxed in anticipation of the voyage to come. But before the journey even started, I had to cancel my booking and shift it forwards to the next two week slot because of some domestic problems (14 years on, to be honest, I can’t even remember what they were).

Long story short, when I got there I met my soulmate. It turned out that she had to “coincidentally” shift her two-week booking two weeks backwards because she’d been invited to a wedding unexpectedly.

Of course the consequence was that each of our two weeks’ holidays on this beautiful Aegean island occurred at the same time, and as they say, the rest is history. Fourteen years on we are still together and deliriously happy.

Now even that, simple though it sounds, involves a mindbogglingly complex series of events which the universe had to control and direct for the two of us to meet. Is it any wonder, then, that experts on manifestation advise us not to worry about “the cursed hows”?

Video: the cursed hows

It is, as Mike Dooley rightly says, very good evidence for all of us being part of the divine, connected in ways we can’t even imagine, and able to influence each other – and the world around us – so we get what we want … provided we have a clear intention, or outcome, and as long as we put energy into the process of manifesting it.

To repeat: the reason this might be EASY for you and me (and everybody else who’s doing it) is the fact that out of 8 billion people on this planet probably no more than 0.1% of the people alive today are seriously using their innate ability to manifest their reality.

So what are the other 99.9% of people doing? Yes, you got it.

And quite how easy it would be to produce our desired outcomes if 10% or more of the Earth’s citizens were manifesting, I leave to your imagination.

Manifesting Success Requires Passion

To illustrate this more clearly, think of J K Rowling. She is one of the world’s most successful novelists, a fact which testifies to two things: first of all, the fact that she lives and breathes her dream (to be a successful writer who entertains others). Second, that when she (or anyone) lives their dream, the universe provides them with the means to achieve end results beyond imagining.

You ARE What You think You Are

The way you’re living, what you do every day, what you’re passionate about, and in particular what you’re constantly thinking and speaking about, will bring to you not only people and circumstances which manifest those things, but it will also produce feelings which hasten the manifestation of those visions, dreams, and outcomes – which is why it’s essential you focus on the positive.

The universe provides whatever you need to manifest your thoughts, and therefore if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you face a real danger of bringing negativity into your life.

You Really Do Get What You Pray For!

How is it that “the rich keep getting richer”? Well, there isn’t, as far as I know, any connection whatsoever between wealth and intelligence. I’ve known that for a long time, because some of the richest people I’ve spoken to and worked with are, shall we say, not over-endowed with thinking and creative ability.

No, the real reason the rich get richer is because they have certain qualities the rest of us don’t: perhaps including an ability to imagine an end result that pictures their burgeoning wealth, or a level of self-confidence far higher than average, or a skill at following up opportunities which most of us lack, or perhaps they simply never doubted they’d be rich. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

But in essence you can guarantee that none of the rich people you are looking at, and perhaps envying, ever doubted that they would succeed. In the end. Of course, how many trials and tribulations they went through on their way to that success surely depends on their belief system (i.e. what they believe about the difficulty they would experience acquiring a fortune).

I think if you look at somebody like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Anita Roddick, founder of the body shop, Hillary Clinton, even Margaret Thatcher, you have to agree they most likely never experienced any doubt about their capacity to manifest a particular outcome. If you want inspiration, I highly recommend that you read biographies of these women and men.

One of the things they all had in common was inordinate self-belief – and, I might add, their self belief was pretty impregnable to other people’s dissenting views. They surrounded themselves by people who supported their visions and their actions. Yet they weren’t afraid to hear what other people thought (at least the people they trusted), or to listen to counsel from wise people and their mentors.

Video – Mike Dooley – thought become things

Let’s go back to where we were: how do you manifest success and happiness (and other juicy, desirable things) in your life?

Do you find manifestation easy, are you having success with it? Or do you say something like “I’ve tried and tried, and I just can’t get it to work!” or perhaps “Whatever I do I just can’t make enough money.”

You see the irony here? What you’re saying is actually a very accurate representation of what your end results are, and the beliefs you hold about yourself which might stop you getting them. (No money – no surprise – you just can’t make it!)

You can’t expect to make much money when you’re literally telling the universe that no matter what you do you can’t make money!

And you see the same principle at work among people who tell you that “I just can’t lose weight!” As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right…”

We might well change this old maxim to “Whether you say you can, or you say you can’t, you’re right!” Your thoughts and your words and your deeds make you exactly what you are and dictate where you are going!

Perhaps the old maxim about having a positive mental attitude has a more fundamental truth to it than simply feeling good. Perhaps the real reason for maintaining a positive mental attitude is because thoughts become things – especially where you, me and everyone else is concerned.

Making Manifestation Work

As Mike Dooley observes, anybody who’s got $20 million in the bank can justifiably say or think everything they touch turns to gold.

But if you have nothing in the bank, you would have to be an absolute “spiritual maestro” to be able to say those things and act as if they were true. However, if you can hold on to that vision, hold on to that vision as your end result that is, and not lose faith in that vision, despite the reality the current state of your world, you can probably make $20 million manifest easily enough.

And manifestation’s a lot easier when you actually understand how it works, when you understand you don’t have to figure out the exact way in which your desired outcome is going to manifest.

You see, the universe has a particular way of operating, a way that will give you what you want when you do the right things in the right order. Knowing that makes it a lot easier to maintain your faith in manifestation.

Unfortunately, if you start behaving as though you do indeed have $20 million in the bank, and you keep telling people that (when you’re broke, that is!) somebody’s gonna want to get you medical attention. So only share these principles and ideas, and your visions and dreams, with people who unquestioningly support you and know you’re not crazy.

And of course the first thing you have to do is to decide exactly what you want your ideal life to look like.

So write it down, right here, right now. Think the change through and then write it down. What would your ideal life look like? Where would you want to be, who would you want to have in your life, how would you like to be living your life? Only you know the answer to these questions, and only you know whether or not you’re passionate enough about the vision to achieve it.