Money Manifestation 4

Marc Allen, in his book, The Millionaire Course, talks about a fundamental principle he’s discovered as he’s become more experience of manifesting reality:

“The more you work and live in partnership with all, the happier, healthier, and more successful you will be.”

This is because working in partnership produces harmony rather than conflict – and that’s what all of us need and want in our lives.

Partnership: partnership that goes from the family right through to a partnership of nations working together.

Of course this may seem impossible from where you’re standing right now. The visionary author Riane Eisler has written a book called The Power of Partnership. In it, she describes how most people have relationships that are based on either partnership (involving respect, harmony, and love) or domination (based on conflict, fear, and the need to control).

Her partnership model involves finding creative win – win solutions to all problems. In fact, it’s even simpler than that: her philosophy is based on the idea that you should “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

You see how partnership is based on respect, whereas the traditional model of interaction between people and nations is probably based on fear. Indeed, it’s very likely that if things are going well in your life, you’re already working in partnership.

Sidebar: How talking circles produce partnership and change reality

How Does This Relate to Creating Reality?

Well, start by considering yourself.

Are you working in partnership with yourself, or are you at war with yourself? Is some inner critic, or some internal parental voice, beating you up, undermining your creativity and joy, every time you try and do something?

And is that inner conflict stopping you manifesting a better reality?

Perhaps, for example, by telling you how improbable, unlikely, or impossible your goals are for you? Or perhaps by telling you how useless you are, and what a mess you always make of everything?

As you know, belief is an essential component of manifesting your reality. You have to believe totally in the possibility of what you’re trying to create. You have to believe in the fact that it will manifest for you.

Yet often when you set an objective the conflict in your mind starts up: “You can’t do that.” “That’s not for the likes of you.” “You must be joking – what the heck you trying to do?” “You don’t deserve this. You’ll never succeed. You can’t do it. You’re stupid to try…” And so on, and so on, and so on.

This is not a partnership between the different parts of yourself – it’s domination.

Until you can be peaceful and supportive of yourself, and forge better partnerships with your inner critic and your inner child, your chances of success in every field of life, let alone your chances of manifesting your reality, are greatly reduced.

You can take the same logic to the relationships with your lovers, your family, and your closest friends. Are these relationships based on respect and love? Do they work with an energy of partnership?

And what of your work colleagues? Or your employers? Or your employees?

It’s a proven fact that success manifest much more easily for companies and individuals where everyone within an organisation is a partner.

Interestingly enough, one of the most effective ways of creating partnerships is to have talking circles where everyone can be heard and respected.

What about government – does your government work in partnership with you and other governments, or does it work to dominate and control?

Where people are subject to the fear of domination, or the fear of aggression, it’s hard to manifestation to work successfully.

One of the reasons for this is that people are not in the positive frame of mind that encourages the co-creation of reality in partnership with the universe.

Another reason is that when people fear something, they tend to expect it – and when they tend to expect something – well, as you know, it tends to happen.

So How Do You Go About Manifesting This?

Well as Mahatma Gandhi said, if you want to see a change, then “be the change“. In other words, start by forming loving partnerships with other people.

Affirm to yourself that “all my relationships are living partnerships, and my life and my world become better and better every day in every way”.

(You can read all about these ideas in Marc Allen’s book, The Millionaire Course.)

If your default position is one of struggle, or your default belief about the world is that life is a struggle – and in particular, if your default belief is that making money is a struggle, then I invite you to consider those people in the world for whom those statements are not true: Richard Branson comes to mind.

Even if he has had difficulties in his life, his mental attitude to them has been positive – I suspect that his life has been governed by always believing that he will manifest whatever he wants, that he can overcome problems, and that he will succeed in whatever he tries.

Of course failure may have happened from time to time.

But I think the difference between people who succeed in manifesting a new reality and those who don’t is that failure doesn’t discourage or destroy the ones who succeed.

They are the ones who can treat failure as a learning experience, as having something to teach them, and they are the ones who can see that “within every adversity there does indeed lie the seed of a greater benefit”.

One of the things that you might not immediately understand about partnership is that when people get together in circles of equality and speak from the heart, a new energy comes into play.

This is the energy of creativity, the energy of the universe, the energy that sustains us all, in one way or another.

It is in fact, the same energy that is responsible for manifestation – you can call it a vital force, cosmic consciousness, universal harmony, or a million other names.

But what it represents is the energy of the world present for you, at your disposal, ready to help you manifest whatever it is that you can consciously choose and consciously believe in.

Make no mistake about it: you can choose to improve your life.

You can choose to evolve into a more fulfilling, peaceful, and satisfying life experience. You are the one who can choose to manifest wealth, abundance, happiness and success. You are the one who can choose to let go of the lessons of the past, of misery, fear, guilt and shame.

Success Is Much Simpler Than You Think

One of the things I came to understand one day as I was meditating was that achieving deep and lasting success is quite a simple matter.

I’m not saying that everyone finds it simple to do, but in actual fact the principles of making life work for you are quite simple.

You see, manifestation of a better life, whatever that means for you, is probably not just about success.

In fact success usually means conventional worldly terms such as how much wealth you have or how big your house is.

However, that’s external to you. What about your internal processes – your thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

You see, to be happy and fulfilled, your internal values and aspirations need to be matched to the life you live in the real world.

Which raises the very interesting questions: how much money do you need, and how are you going to manifest it?

Well, first of all, perhaps you need to consider what you want to manifest money for?

Some people think that’s a ridiculous question – but the truth is that although you might be clear about what you think you want money for, you may discover that what you really want is happiness.

And whether or not a big house and abundant riches can bring you happiness is an open question.

More to the point is knowing what would make you spiritually fulfilled.

Money and manifestation

Marc Allen’s book is well worth reading – it clarifies the relationship between manifesting money and happiness.

Now let me say at once I don’t agree with the idea that money can’t buy happiness: because in my frame of reference, money can buy certain things that are the foundations of happiness – such as security, food, and the absence of fear about providing for yourself and your family.

Even so, the fact is that most people ultimately want something other than money.

Perhaps they want spiritual fulfillment, perhaps they want happiness, perhaps they want intimate relationships, perhaps they want inner joy.

Where these things come together when you’re manifesting reality is this:  if you can make your money by doing something in keeping with your spiritual values and what your soul truly, deeply wants for you, then you’re likely to be much more fulfilled, and you’re likely to be much more successful.

I think the reason for that is obvious.

Manifesting Struggle or Manifesting Peace – You Choose!

I’m struck by how many people think life is a struggle. Of course there are difficulties and problems to overcome. We all know that.

But how many people seem to find problems at  every step of their path! How many people expect to struggle through life!

And why is that? Could it just be that they’ve learned that is the way of life in their family of origin – which means somebody has given them this expectation and belief?

But I wonder if it would be possible for you to imagine living in a state of ease and grace, accepting whatever came your way, knowing that the universe would always manifest whatever it was that you needed at the time you needed it?