Putting It All Together

Making Creation Work

Some of the reason why manifestation doesn’t work include a lack of belief, a lack of emotional fuel to drive the process, and not taking action to move in the general direction of your intention.

Yet there is another factor here, less spoken about than the ones above, but which might actually be more important.

It’s about taking your own uniqueness into account when you’re trying to achieve an outcome.

One of the most popular pieces of advice that you hear and self-development circles these days is “Be Yourself”.

What exactly does this mean? It sounds like an easy thing to do, and yet the minute we start interacting with anyone else, most of us find our behavior changes, often in ways which we don’t understand and probably don’t like very much either.

In a situation like that, are you “being yourself”? Hardly. And so when you start manifesting reality, perhaps with some very specific objectives in mind, how do you know that your objectives are the ones that actually will be right for you?

In fact, do you even understand the relationship between the objectives you choose and your chances of success at getting them?

The simple answer is “No, you probably don’t.” Very few people understand themselves well enough to know what their deepest values are.

Manifest reality

To have a false motivation for manifestation will trip you up in one way or another. To take an obvious, perhaps somewhat commonplace example, think of lottery winners. Why do you think it is that 90% of them end up with nothing after a comparatively short period of time?

The simple answer, of course, is that their basic values and beliefs about themselves don’t accommodate the concept of great personal wealth. That’s probably the most common and obvious example of how intention and outcome can conflict, but it’s one of millions upon millions more.


The simple and somewhat awkward truth is that if you’re trying to manifest anything which doesn’t match your basic beliefs and values about yourself and about the world, you’re not likely to be very successful.

One obvious way of looking at this is to say that there are infinite possibilities open to you in the future, but very few of them are likely to manifest, no matter how hard you try.

This is because they simply aren’t in line with your basic beliefs and values.

In other words, the probabilities that are open to you in the future are most likely limited by your experience up to this point.

Let’s pin this down to a specific example. It’s possible, but extremely unlikely, that you might become the next Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, or Bill Gates. The probability is against it. You know that as well as I do. For one thing, if you are going to be any of those people, you wouldn’t be reading this book, you’d be living that reality.

Yes, we all have free will, and one of the great gifts we have is to choose a path for the future which matches up to our unique talents and abilities. And by following such a path, you increase the probability of your success at manifestation hugely.

This is about honouring your own skills, abilities, and in fact to put it another way, honouring your “extraordinary uniqueness”. (Thanks to Mike Dooley for this beautiful expression!)

By honoring your own extraordinary uniqueness, you open up many more opportunities for manifesting your reality. And the longer you live in accordance with your own values, beliefs, abilities and aptitudes, the easier life becomes.

Moreover, life becomes much more fulfilling, and the opportunities open to you within your particular realm of experience and ability open out enormously.

Life is never challenge-free; I think that such a state of being only exists among extremely enlightened people. But when you follow your own path, which basically means following your own heart, what you do have is much greater access to the kind of opportunities which would not otherwise arise. The kind of opportunities that are right for you.

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So does that imply we are all limited in some way? And is that view compatible with the view that we are all a part of the divine?

Well, listen up! First of all, we are indeed all a unique manifestation of the divine. Let me make that clear, right now.

But that doesn’t mean that we are all the same. We all have different skills and abilities, we all have different interests. And we most certainly have different values.

For example, if you like to be around and in connection with other people, then it seems natural to assume that manifesting a job which will allow you to work with people in some way is going to suit you better than manifesting a job where you’re isolated or perhaps working with machinery all day long.

Equally, if you have a particularly creative nature, then it’s most likely that finding a lucrative job working in the Arts is going to suit you a lot better than any job in an accountancy practice, no matter how lucrative.

Of course you still have the question of what branch of the Arts you’re going to work in, and what role you’re going take, but you’re basically on a path that is in line with your basic nature and values and beliefs.

And it follows also that if your basic motivation is to help people, then working in a job where you can actually be of service to others in some way is going to be more rewarding for you than working in a more directive or autocratic environment.

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