Manifesting Money – Part 7

Well, we’ve been hearing a little bit about Marc Allen and his “millionaire course” – which is actually much more about a plan for creating “the life of your dreams” than it is for creating and financial prosperity per se.

And you may have noticed that many of the principles he sets out for the creation of wealth are ideas you’ve heard about many times before!

But the point is this:  these things are repeated by different authors because they are important to the process of manifestation.

And while manifesting wealth or creating abundance can often happen even if you don’t use them, they are certainly good principles to follow.

Let me explain what I mean by that: I’ve set out several times on this blog how the key components of manifestation (by which I mean the creation of a different reality in the world around you),  summed up as:

Desire + belief + expectancy + action = manifestation

And it’s a simple formula which really works. However there are other things that you can do, such as practicing gratitude, or maintaining a “happy balance” in your mind, a peaceful and calm state of being, which can assist the process of manifestation hugely.

Manifestation principles

I’m going to run through some of the more important ones which Marc Allen writes about.

First of all he makes some simple and interesting points about the benefits of saving 10% of your income. How, you may wonder, can that offer a way of connecting with the Law of Attraction?


It’s surely been said many times before that this is a useful way to accumulate wealth, although this isn’t about saving 10% of your income to be compounded annually.

It’s about a much more fundamental principle which can lead to abundance and prosperity: just simply spend less than you earn.

Now I know this may come as a bitter pill to swallow for many of us, but the truth is we live in a profligate society where consumerism and materialistic acquisition has become the guiding principle above all else for many people.

The availability of credit, in many different forms, and the easy access to loans which often lead to greater and greater debt, have created financial dependence.

Spending less than you earn creates financial independence, and sets up a mindset of understanding the prosperity that lies all around us, and the ease with which wealth can be accumulated.

But even if you can’t manage 10%, then you can start with at least 1% – and work your way up to higher levels of saving as you become more understanding of the meaning of increased prosperity.

And of course we’ve all heard the advice to give away part of our income – it’s a fundamental tenet of many people’s belief in manifestation. It’s been called radical generosity or the gift economy.

What in actual practice giving away 10% (Marc Allen recommends at least 10%) of your income in effect represents is the power of tithing. And of course while one individual tithing his or her income may not make much difference, the truth is that if everybody in the world gave away 10% of their income – or, again, perhaps less – then the redistribution of wealth would be a natural consequence.

But more than this, it would change the spirit that binds us together into one of community and understanding of mutual difference based on support rather a system fractured by intolerance and separation.

As an energetic level, the act of being generous is an indicator to the universe that there is a flow of money going through you, and that you’re not holding onto it in an acquisitive fashion, which can block that energetic and material flow. This is the spirit of manifestation when you can use the Laws Of Attraction for your own ends.

Whether you believe this or not, you might want to try it out for yourself and see what difference it makes to you in the world around you.

That’s because giving away 10% of your income is a very dynamic and powerful gesture on every level – including, of course, as an indicator to yourself the fact that abundance can flow through you to such an extent that you can improve the welfare of other people on this planet besides yourself.

Manifesting Partnership

The next principle that Marc talks about his living and working in partnership.

And of course he’s quite right in suggesting that all the things he’s mentioned before work far better when people are living and working in partnership.

We covered this particular point earlier in the blog, so have a look back if you feel you can’t remember what partnership is about.

Essentially, if you want a crib sheet, partnership can make a massive difference. It’s about finding a way to communicate in a non-conflictual, non-violent way, ensuring that people work together for a common objective.

You’ll have come across, no doubt, the idea of the “money mind group” which was put forward by Napoleon Hill in his famous book on manifestation in law of attraction many years ago – Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill was basically saying that if a group of people work together towards a common objective, the power of their brains increases not just by the sum of their mental efforts, but by some multiplicative factor which greatly enhances the effectiveness of their actions.

By being part of a group that is working to a common objective, you becoming part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

And while there may not be many partnerships around in our world at the moment, the certain fact is that if you form a partnership, and one person in your partnership forms another partnership, the whole thing will ripple out into the world in a way that makes cooperation, abundance, and success much more likely for all – not to mention happiness cooperation and success.  This in itself is a profound manifestation of a different reality.