Quieting The Mind

When I’ve been trying to manifest anything, I’ve observed something interesting, both in myself and others.

Ready for it? Here it comes: a busy mind can get in the way of you being able to produce the state of mental energy necessary for successful manifestation.

I’m beginning to think that perhaps this is one of the most important reasons people fail to manifest anything, no matter how hard they try.

About Brain Frequencies

We know that meditation and visualization,  as well as prayer and reflection, and many other types of mental “discipline” too, for that matter, cause the brain to slow down.

Or, to be more exact, these practices cause the brain’s electrical activity to slow down to a rhythm of between 7 and 12 cycles per second. This is called alpha wave activity.

By contrast, normal brain activity takes place above 12 cycles per second. This is called beta wave activity.

So there is something different about the electrical activity of the brain when we are in the right state to visualize a desired outcome.

Now nobody really understands what this slowing down of the rhythm of the brain really represents, but we don’t need to know that.

What we need to know is that this slow rhythm – the alpha wave frequency – produces a mental state in which we are capable of looking inwards, and connecting with the forces beyond ourselves.

Those higher brain frequencies – the beta wave frequencies – direct our attention outwards into the world around us.

And to achieve the alpha wave state that is necessary for connecting with the elemental forces of the universe that are responsible for manifestation, it’s necessary to have a slow brain frequency…. And that, in turn, is produced by relaxation or meditation.

It’s not produced – in fact you can’t be in an alpha wave state – when you’re thinking busily or frantically about what’s going on in your world, or when you’re anxious, or responding to stimulate in your environment.

So the question is for all of us, how can we slow down our brain activity and come to a place of calmness and centeredness, from which we can manifest whatever we wish to create in our lives?

Many Techniques Are Available

And of course the problem we all face is that quieting the mind is not easy. Yet it is essential to manifest anything successfully.

So your normal everyday mind is very busy, and likes to analyze and think about how things work; it likes to reflect on what’s happened, consider new possibilities; and perhaps above all else, it likes to worry about what might be going to happen in the future.

Stopping this happening – stopping the “babble” – can be frustrating, but the rewards are worthwhile.

One technique suggested by Lenedra Carroll in her book The Architecture Of All Abundance (a book which is essentially about manifestation) is to take one issue or person, one question or topic that you want to illuminate, and to write it on a piece of paper – and then to lay it in front of you.

But rather than actively thinking about it, she suggests that you let your thoughts drift and become more abstract.

Every time that you find yourself becoming agitated or thinking about the matter, she suggests that you “go to a place in your mind where the matter can exist in a state of great possibility and peace.”

The aim is to experience the question or the issue on more subtle levels – but for no longer than 10 or 15 minutes – after which you should leave it for a time, allowing a day to pass before you sit with it again.

She recommends that in the meantime you train your mind away from the thought each time it comes up…. and of course, as you know, if it is an obsessive thought, this will happen a lot!

The point of the process is this: slowing the body and slowing the thoughts will effectively create a space between the constant input of the busy mind.

And into that space will come new ways of looking at existing patterns and problems… and from that will come new ideas – and perhaps also an opportunity to look at the body’s response to the situation as well. (For, when it comes to these matters, the body never lies.)

If you like, this is daydreaming:  but daydreaming for a purpose – to allow you to develop a technique to quench the flow of continuous, rapid mental activity.

Or if you prefer to put it another way, to break a habit (incessant thinking) which can be relentless – and replace it with a state of mind in which you have the possibility of entering into communion or contact with the inner realm, the one responsible for manifestation.

Grounding Yourself Is Essential Too!

I believe it’s fair to say that without some mental technique – be it meditation, deep relaxation, self hypnosis, or some other aid to shifting your mental energy from activity to quietude – you are probably not going to be successful in manifesting whatever it is that you want.

The simplest method of doing this is to purposefully and slowly relax your body as much as possible before you start trying to visualize your desired outcome.

Video – Creative Visualization 

If you watch this video you will see the emphasis on several aspects of the process that are going to make manifestation much easier for you

1) visualizing when you’re in a relaxed state of mind – for the reasons that I described above

2) imagining your desired outcome so vividly that it could almost be real 

3) the power of using all of your senses in your imagination

4) the need to do this every day of your life!

5) the need to TAKE ACTION AS WELL!