Manifestation – A Universal Law

The Law of Creation

There are some simple but fundamental principles of manifestation which you need to know before you even try and co-create your reality.

Why do I say “co-create”? Because you are not responsible for creating your reality alone; the universe is deeply involved with it!

Certainly when you set out to manifest an objective using the Law of Creation, or the Law of Attraction as it is sometimes known, you are setting into motion a series of universal forces which you can’t directly observe.

In essence, by coming up with an objective, and then “releasing” it to the universe, you are asking the universe to set in chain a series of coincidences and synchronicities which will bring it about – i.e manifest.

However, the universe will only respond if you do this with enough energy and enough sincerity to empower the process.

And by energy, that means emotional energy: and the interesting thing here is that any kind of emotional energy will activate the creative force – it can be anger, it can be hatred, it can be joy, it can be love, it can be gratitude, it can be happiness.

It just has to be sufficiently intense to signal to the universe that you’re serious about what you’re trying to achieve. Sincerity, on the other hand, is another word for faith or belief.

Absolute faith, or absolute belief, in the power of the universe to manifest what you want is absolutely essential. If you have the slightest doubt, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to manifest anything.

So the process of co-creation is simply a shorthand which refers to the way in which any one of us can engage the universe on our side to work for us in the creation or the manifestation of a desired outcome.

The Law of Attraction and Creation

The interesting thing about the laws of the universe are that they operate whether you believe in them or not.

I’m assuming that you do in fact believe in them anyway, because you’re reading this right here, right now, and I think it’s unlikely you’d be doing that if you didn’t want to manifest, or create your world.

Nonetheless it’s worth remembering that these are universal laws, and that even though they may be beyond our understanding in the physical world, they are a very real and practical system by which you can live your life.

It follows, doesn’t it, that the concept of us all being part of one whole could explain manifestation? At the very least, it could make believing in manifestation a whole lot easier! So: do you believe that you are but one manifestation of the divine on this planet at this time in our evolution?

Of course, as always, it doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not: you can still make manifestation work. But what I’m asking you to consider is the possibility that you are a fundamental part of the fabric of the universe, in physical form, just as everyone else is.

This is, in reality, just another way of saying that we all have a connection with the cosmic intelligence, the divine force, the great mystery, “all that is” – you choose your name for the universal force, it’ll be just as good as mine.

Carl Jung, one of the pioneers of modern psychology, wrote extensively about the universal consciousness, or the cosmic consciousness, and for me it’s easier to envisage a collective unconscious, to which we can all gain access, as the source of manifestation. But however you see these things, we are all connected.

You probably know that already, at some level of your being.

So the Law of Creation depends on this interconnectedness, and the fact you can put out a request for a particular objective, outcome, person, or event to manifest is nothing but a reflection of the fact that we are indeed all connected.

It’s Your Divine Right To Create Your Reality

Religions have taught us that we are full of original sin, that we must throw ourselves on the mercy of the great God, atone for our sins, and hope that he will help us in times of trouble.

Well, it’s not quite like that in reality! The truth is that everything the universe offers to us is neither good nor evil, positive or negative, masculine or feminine. In fact it’s all of those things at the same time. Only our definitions of what’s real, and how we perceive it by a frame of reference that we ourselves have constructed, gives anything meaning on the earth.

And there’s no denying that some of those meanings are extremely important in our Earth-bound consciousness: any right-thinking human being doesn’t want cause pain or misery to any fellow creature on this planet. At the same time, we have a choice about how we use our ability to manifest things.

Indeed, the universe demonstrates this neutrality just by the fact that is possible to use the Law of Creation both positively and negative (in human terms – remember that the universe doesn’t make value judgments).

And another issue is that because we are free to use the Law of Creation in any way we choose, we can equally easily create a reality that is mundane and unexciting and unfulfilled.

Look around you – yes, examine your own reality right now. What do you see?

Do you see an inspirational life, full of vitality, excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment ?

Or do you see a mundane life which is boring, vaguely troubling, perhaps a struggle, emotionally unsatisfying ?

Can you accept that whatever is around you right now is the product of your own creation, the product of everything that has happened to you, right up to this point in your existence on this planet in this incarnation?

If you answered “no” to that question, then I suspect you might be blaming other people – your parents, teachers, priests, abusers… And of course in many cases you can indeed point to things these people have done which have affected your history and no doubt your present as well…..

I’m not going to insult you by suggesting that what happened to you was “a gift” to bring you to this point so that you could assert your own authority over the the universe and find your own truths. Suffering is suffering, and even if it has a purpose (which is an open question), it’s human nature to blame those who inflicted pain on us.

However, there is another fundamental principle which is more important: you are now responsible for your life. And everything around you, whatever it may be, is manifesting in your life because it is the product of the thought processes and belief systems which you hold right now.

Which means, in case you hadn’t noticed, that the only way your reality is going to change is when you do something to make change happen. You’re not going to be saved, and you’re not going to be rescued by a fairy godmother.

Your future, the creation that manifests around you, is down to you and nobody else.

You Have the Power To Change Your Situation

So, the interesting question you need to ask yourself at this point is, “Are the belief systems by which I’m running my life out of date, or do they serve me in my current reality?”