Manifesting Money – 6

When you form a great vision, the one that’s right for you, you will feel it. You will know it.

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As soon as you dare to dream your ideal life, you’ll have a reaction internally.

And that reaction might be fear.

Fear coming from all the parts of yourself that want to protect you from failure, or humiliation, or shame…. Or whatever it is that they’ve spent their time protecting you from.

However, this inner resistance is based on a set of beliefs that are going to get in the way of your manifestation.

To manifest success, you are going to need to make some kind of deal or compromise with your doubts and fears, or rather, with the parts of you that have doubts and fears.

But, every single one of us can learn a new way of being in the world, a way that serves as better than anything has in the past, perhaps, if we let go of our expectations and beliefs about the way things “should be”.

Sidebar: Fulfilled people know

Who they are
What they do
Who they are doing it for
And what the outcome is for the recipients of that service – and how it makes a difference to them.

Note that this is all outward facing….. about serving others.

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle has written a book called The Power Of Now, which seems to contain some very helpful information for people who are struggling with life.

Of course, what he offers is a Buddhist perspective. But then again, it’s a very human perspective too.

What I think he is recommending is the idea that you let go of the concept of struggle – and even of the concept of attachment to outcome.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “It seems paradoxical, yet when your on a dependency on form is gone, the general conditions of your life, the outer forms, tend to improve greatly. Things, people, or conditions that you thought you needed for your happiness now come to you with no struggle or effort on your part, and you are free to enjoy and appreciate them while they last.”

It’s an idea that you find repeated over and over again in the field of personal development: that everything that you need can be provided for you with no struggle and no effort.

In short, the universe is willing to give you whatever you need, whenever you need it – in fact all your needs are provided for: you only have to ask.

Manifestation Succeeds When You Change Your Core Beliefs

And of course the question is “How exactly can you change your core beliefs?”

Even if you can see – as is perfectly obvious when you look – that the universe is unlimited and abundance is waiting for every one of us to claim, many of us live by a set of beliefs that suggest scarcity is the order of the day.

And before you can do any manifestation, you need to change your beliefs from scarcity to prosperity.

And, believe it or not (!) changing your beliefs is actually very easy.

One Method of Changing Beliefs

You start by thinking of a particular situation or area in life that you want to change. By thinking about it for a few minutes, you can encourage your mind to feel the emotions associated with this.

For example, if you’re thinking about the lack of money in your life, then you may feel anger and fear, or perhaps sadness. You’re certainly not likely to feel joy or happiness!

When you’ve identified the emotions that you’re feeling, extend your exploration to the physical sensations in your body.

Because all emotions produce a reaction in the body, you’re going to feel some physical reaction to the situation or problem in your life that you’re thinking about.

And now comes the interesting part: consider for a moment your thoughts and beliefs. What beliefs are you operating under? What do you think constrains you? What rules and conditions are controlling your life and the things that you manifest?

The deeper you go into this process, the more likely you are to come up with answers that are helpful.

And if the answers represent the limiting beliefs that you currently hold about yourself in relation to the world, than those are the ones that you’re going to work with.

Those, in fact, the ones you are going to change.

For example, change your beliefs from a concept of scarcity or lack, to something  that could be described as “prosperity or abundance consciousness”.

This process has been described in many ways by many people. Some experts suggest a step where you consider the risks of changing your beliefs, and compare them to the good things that might happen.

So if, for example, you’re governed by belief that you can only earn $50,000 a year, then ask yourself what would be the risk of earning more, of breaking this limiting belief by, say, manifesting an income of say $500,000 a year?

When you think about this you might realize this holds the threat of you losing your family and friends.

But then again, on the other hand, you might also think that this gives you the possibility of helping them out if they are in financial need.

Those are the kinds of things that you need to examine.

Next, for every limiting belief, every core belief that’s holding you back from prosperity, you need to find an affirmation that counters it.

So for example, if your limiting belief is that you can only get rich by working 60 or 80 hours a week for many years, then your affirmation might be something like “money comes into my life effortlessly and easily in many unexpected and gracious ways”.

If your limiting belief is that nobody (including you) can enjoy a harmonious and loving relationship over a long period of time, then your affirmation might be something like “with every day that goes by my relationship gets deeper and more loving and more harmonious”.

And as Marc Allen often reminds us, if you add to your affirmations the following statement…”may it happen in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own good time” then you are likely to produce an outcome that is good for you and good for the world.

An alternative to this might be “… May whatever happens be the best for all concerned”.

However, just coming up with an affirmation isn’t enough.

To change your core beliefs, you need to reprogram your unconscious mind so that it relinquishes the limiting belief and adopts your new affirmation.

You can do this in many way. Two good ones are: using hypnosis or self hypnosis, or by recording your affirmations on a digital recording and playing it to yourself while you’re in a state of relaxation every day.

A good time to do this is in bed before you get up in the morning, or last thing at night before you go to sleep.

Or you can try the traditional method!

This is remembering to repeat your affirmation many times a day to yourself. But of course you’ll forget – so put reminders on your mirrors, on your car steering wheel, on your keys, on your desk, wherever you can find a place that serves to remind you to repeat your affirmation.

Better still, write it 10 or 20 times a day until you feel that it’s a part of you and that you’ve actually embodied it.

This is a simple process, and if you do it repeatedly and with commitment, you’re going to find that your capacity to manifest whatever you want grows more quickly and easily than you can even imagine.

You’ll find that your thinking patterns change to become more positive. When you keep affirming your ideal scene or goal, keeping in mind in whatever way you can, you will change the way you relate to the world – and of course that changes how the universe will manifest your desires for you.

Dealing With The Doubts – To Reiterate!

Keep in mind that manifestation works because you believe certain things about yourself and the world around you.

But if you’re “running” beliefs that are contrary to your hopes, aspirations and desires, then you’re going to need to change your existing beliefs.

And as soon as you do that, you may find that massive resistance, mostly in the form of fears and doubts, comes to mind.

Make no mistake: your inner critic, or critical parent, or loyal soldier, or magician – or whatever name you give it – absolutely believe that it knows the truth about you and the world.

There’s no room for doubt in the world of the inner magician. So you’re going to either have to change his or her beliefs, or strike a deal with him or her.

Here’s what Marc Allen describes as a shortcut, “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Success “… Find your own words for an affirmation that conveys the following sentiment:

I now have a life of ease and fulfillment. So be it. So it is!

After all, it might be much easier to create the kind of life you want than you currently believe!