Manifesting Money – 5

At this stage of our journey towards manifest success, it’s probably a great idea to summarize a few simple keys to getting what you want.

These aren’t things that you have to do; they are things that you can do if you choose to, and if you choose to they will probably help you get to your goals faster than you could ever imagine.

1 Take Plenty of Breaks with Time to Be Creative.

This feeds the soul and breaks the cycle of rushing around becoming less and less productive.

Video – the importance of breaks

2 Make a Plan

It’s a truism: you can’t expect to get to your destination if you don’t know where you’re going.

When you have dreams, dreams which  you hold onto, nurture and protect against the negative talk from other people around you, they tend to become goals.

And goals, at least with sufficient repetition and belief, can become intentions. And when they are firmly held intentions, they tend to become reality.

3 Work In Harmony & Partnership

How are your relationships? Feel superior or inferior to others? The only reason why you would want to put somebody else into a “one down” position (meaning you’re in a “one up” position) is because you feel inferior to them, or you want to prove how good you are – or some other kind of negative motivation that is entirely about you.

Stop doing this: your success and your worth are not measured by comparison to others! They are measured by your presence in the world and what you do with it.

If you seek out the positive around you, both in other people and in yourself, you will find it.

4 Picture Manifest Success

Few people understand how important it is to have a vision. But you, well on the way to manifesting success, know exactly how important it is to hold onto your vision.

On the way to manifesting that vision, you resist limited thinking, negativity, doubt, and conflict.

Video: the power of a vision

5 Learn How To Communicate With Love

Being empathic to other people, listening to their point of view, and hearing what they have to say, without trying to fix them, dominate them, or generally show them that you know better is quite an art.

Unfortunately, in our society it’s also quite uncommon.

A lot of people think the world would be better if they pray for love and peace. But what they miss is that when they pray for love and peace, it’s not likely to occur. I know that statement may sound shocking to you.

But please understand that only by being love and being peace can you make it manifest in the world.

If you want help on developing the skills of positive communication that gets things done, then you can read some fantastic information in Marc Allen’s book (lesson six) or you can read about nonviolent communication here.

6 Use Time Wisely

Time is one of the greatest assets we have; yet few of us use it wisely.

A belief that’s quite widespread among business people is that the way to succeed is by working 60 to 80 hours a week – for me, this represents the way to manifest failure.

For, as somebody said in a different context, what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but he loses his soul?

You might want to examine the beliefs you have about time, and consider which of them are true and which of them are not. If you’re working hard, and you feel that you’re still just “spinning your wheels”, going nowhere, then what might you be trying to prove to yourself?

Marc Allen talks of a single affirming belief that he used to create a completely different understanding of time: for every goal he wanted to manifest, he affirmed it by saying that it would appear “in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time”.

What a glorious vision of how the world might be – no, can be – when you change the beliefs that you have about yourself, about the world, and about how it operates.

Everyone in this world has 24-hour is in a day: ask yourself why it is that some people manifest so much more in 24-hour is than others. (Hint: it’s not about efficiency!)

7 Make A Friend Of Money

Money is one of the biggest and most destructive forces in the world today.

Few people would claim there was enough money in their life. Most would say things we’ve all heard, properly set ourselves: many are scarce, money doesn’t grow on trees, money is so hard to come by… The rich get rich and the poor get poorer…

You have to work hard for money…
Many doesn’t grow on trees…
A fool and his money are soon parted…
Money is the root of all evil…
And so on and so on.

What beliefs do you have around money?

And how do they serve you? Do they help you manifest what you want, or do they hinder it?

And most pernicious of all, are you subject to the belief that you can’t get what you want unless you have enough money?

Without a conscious intention to look at these beliefs, and change them when necessary, it’s highly likely that your ability to successfully engage in manifestation is going to be shackled to the past.

In truth, money can be tremendous force for good.

It may not be the source of happiness, but it can build the foundations of happiness, and it can certainly go a long way towards providing you with what you want. (Assuming, as always, you keep the spiritual aspect of your journey through life very much in your awareness .)

Remember this: You will manifest exactly the amount of money that you expect to get, or the amount you ask for.

That’s not the amount you hope to get, or the amount you believe you should have – it’s the amount you really believe you’re entitled to or can expect to get in life.

I know one of the things that concerns people is how they can change their beliefs about money – after all, most of what we believe about the world is hidden deep in our unconscious, and it’s not always obvious to us.

If manifestation isn’t working for you, it might mean that you need to take a look at the belief system that you’re running around whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest.

Certainly, if money is causing you difficulties, and despite your best efforts, you don’t actually find solutions to your difficulties in this area, you might like to seek some help.

There are various ways that you can change your limiting beliefs: shadow work is particularly good, and Bennie Naude has pioneered a course in manifestation using emotional freedom technique or EFT which is well worth looking at.

Another possibility is Marty Lefkoe’s system for eliminating negative beliefs.

In the end, of course, you’ll find your own way to manifest success!