Money 9

The final and perhaps most challenging question you need to consider when you try to manifest money is this: should you do what you love and expect the money to follow? Or should you follow the money as a means to doing what you love?

It’s no small question: writers on the Law of Attraction have considered this issue over and over again through the centuries. And it’s fair to say they don’t agree on the answer!

After all, in our hearts everyone of us would probably love to have a job which is  our passion – the thing that really makes us glow with fulfillment when we do it.

Yet very few people seem to achieve that happy state.

Is that because most of us don’t have the determination and passion to pursue our interests wholeheartedly, risking the times where it may not be making us money and we may find financial challenges on every side of us?

Or is it because we don’t want to give up the comfort and security – whatever that may mean – of a regular income to pursue our dream?

And is that reasonable: should our dreams take first priority, causing us to sacrifice financial security and regular income and all the other things which flow from that?

Or is it more reasonable and logical and sensible to work towards raising large amounts of money, and then using the freedom this produces to be able to focus on our dreams?

Like I said above, should you do what you love and expect the money to follow? Or should you pursue the money as a means to enabling your dream?

Look In Your Soul –
Discover What You Love To Do

As Marc Allen says in his book The Millionaire Course: a Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams, “You already know what you really love to do, though you may have to do a bit of soul-searching to recollect it. It’s in your heart, it’s in your soul. It’s in your fantasies.”

And so, the question now is: what kind of thing excites you, really thrills you deep down in your body and soul when you think about it?

(Another way of digging down to the answer to that question is to consider what you might do if you won the lottery.)

But however you get there, no one else can answer that question for you. Only you know what will excite you and bring you fulfillment.

Only you know what your soul purpose is.

And very few people seem to manifest their soul purpose.

Most don’t even know what it is. Many know it but are too fearful to do anything about manifesting it.

Marc’s advice is very straightforward: Do what you love to do. Keep doing it. Make an intention that it will support you abundantly. Look for a way to do it and you will be led to it, step-by-step.

How do you know when you are on the right path?

But really, can it be this simple?

Well, yes, according to Marc it really is that simple.

He speaks form experience, because he built a very successful publishing company from nothing, to the point where he can now work as little or as much time as he chooses.

So he knows what he’s talking about.

And it’s good to see that he is aware of the problems that other people face in this area, because after he’s given us the encouragement to believe that life can indeed depend on our passion, he asks the question: Why aren’t people more successful?

There are many reasons, of course.

But in the end they all come down to one thing: self belief. Most of us just don’t think we are good enough, or worthwhile, or lovable enough, or clever enough, or…

Well, you name any limiting belief – and the fact is, tens of millions of people believe that to be true (along with hundreds of other limiting beliefs) to be true about themselves.

Which means, according to Marc, our failure to achieve our dreams is all about limiting beliefs – mostly the belief that “we just can’t do it”.

For, as Marc also observes, when you have a dream, and you follow it persistently, the universe makes way for you – and not only does it make way for you, it manifests opportunities you could previously only dream of, bringing you into closer connection with the circumstances and people you need in your life to be able to fulfill your dream.

Remember that doing what you love to do and being able to carry on doing it may require you to set an intention that this vocation or passion will support you abundantly.

And remember also that every time you affirm a goal you are creating a thought, and your thoughts are powerful things – not only in the way they can change your behavior, but also in the way they can determine what the world around you looks like.

When you do what you love to do, the world works out perfectly – and so does life!

And even if you try and fail, so long as you carrying on doing what you love to do and you’re doing it consistently and with persistence, then in the end you should certainly succeed.

I know this doesn’t quite address the issue of money – whether it comes first or comes second, I mean – but perhaps ultimately the answer to that question lies within each and everyone of us in our own individual way.

And perhaps there is no guiding principle that covers each and everyone of us: perhaps we all have to do is uncover what the right course of action is for ourselves.