What This Means In Your Life

What Does Manifesting Reality Mean For YOU?

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First and foremost, it means is that you need to be led by your understanding of yourself.

It means that the person who knows best what you should be doing is you.

It means that no-one else is going to rescue you.

It means that you’re responsible for your own life, and also for manifesting a better one.

And perhaps more than anything, it means that if you knew what you wanted to do you’d be doing it with a level of energy and excitement that would propel you far faster, and far higher, and far quicker than anything you could achieve in a position where you experienced little or no fulfillment.

A Personal Story Of Manifest Failure

Many years back, I took a job as an accountant with a multinational company, even though I’d always known that my real skillset lay in the fields of creative writing and literature. And a second skill set lay in connection and communication with people.

I took this job because I was making huge efforts to overcome my financial deficit. But I did this without considering the values and interests and beliefs that were important to me. In fact, I doubt whether I even had a glimmer of understanding of what was really important to me at that stage in my life.

And there’s nothing wrong with not knowing those things. The hard truth is that we all have to experience the world in many different ways before we can develop self-awareness and understanding.

So it’s inevitable that when you’re making your choices about what you want to have manifest, mistakes will happen, simply because you, like most people, will become more attuned to your fundamental needs as you grow older and gain more experience of life.

Manifesting A Poor Reality

Ah yes, back to me! I’m reminded that the Universe gifted me a job with a multinational company because there was something I needed to learn about life, the Universe and myself!

And it turned out, unsurprisingly, that the lessons I had to learn were about my need for freedom, my need to be independent, my need to express my creative self, my need to work with people of like mind, my need to create opportunities for people to heal and grow, and many more similar things.

By not respecting those needs, I was massively disrespecting myself. (And of course when I started to find ways of manifesting those things in my reality, I started to respect myself and honor my values, abilities and beliefs.)

Unsurprisingly, for as long as I worked for this multinational company, I also felt an incongruity between my deepest nature and what I was doing in the world.

Soothed by making good friends, and by being able to use my skills and talents in certain ways (mostly in developing better communications between departments), I stuck it out for 12 years. Of course, even all this time I was manifesting my reality – just not something very desirable….

But the universe gave me an opportunity to leave after 10, and I didn’t take it, so by the time my 12 years was up I was definitely withering inside, both spiritually and emotionally.

That was the point at which my self-respect demanded I leave the company, albeit with no idea of what I wanted to do in life, with very little awareness of my own emotional and spiritual needs, and very little sense of how I might gain control of my life and change it for the better.

The options I considered (though I am sure there must have been many more) were to get another job in the field of accountancy, to start writing a book, to travel while living off my redundancy money for a while, or to train as a therapist – which, although a long process, certainly would be in line with both my creative skills and my desire to help people in some way.

And in fact I went for a few interviews – mostly out of fear – for accountancy jobs. Happily for me, the Universe didn’t let me get any of them.

So I did a little bit of travelling, came home, discovered the Internet, started training as a therapist, did lots of writing for my new websites, all of which I built myself, and all of which were pioneering in their field. Altogether, this made me a great deal of money.

The fact is this: abundance can be found down almost any path you choose, but it may be at some cost to your soul unless that path also leads you to a place of personal fulfillment. That’s why you might want to find out what excites you the most, what resonates with the deepest part of you, and then find a way of developing this into a moneymaking venture (that is, if prosperity is your driving force for manifesting!)

Certainly this is a good way to live a life of joy: you’re working in an area you enjoy and which is personally fulfilling.

That means you tend to be good at it, or at least it’s more likely that you’ll be able to develop the skills to truly shine. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that even if you reach this happy stage, your life is going to be free of challenge and adversity.

It’s almost as though the Universe requires us to experience challenge so that we can grow. I’ve always maintained that you’re only given the challenges in life that you can cope with. And while at one level that’s manifestly true, there is a deeper meaning behind it.

To gain the skills, abilities and knowledge that you need to fulfill the hopes, desires and aspirations of the deepest parts of yourself may require you to overcome adversity, difficulty and challenges of one kind or another. This is the Universe’s way of allowing you to rise to another level of enlightenment and understanding. And thereby manifest a better, more desirable reality much more easily.