Manifestation – Making It Work

A lot of people wonder why manifestation doesn’t work for them. A good question.

The Unlimited Power Of The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Creation, or Law Of Attraction, as you prefer, is an absolute: it works on anything presented to it, negative or positive.And, let’s face it, so many of us think negatively.

John Assaraf has described this aspect of human nature as the “don’t want” epidemic, one that has plagued mankind for centuries. In other words, by predominantly focusing, speaking about and acting upon the things that we don’t want, they naturally manifest in the world.

The cure for this epidemic is to think about, speak about, and focus on what you do want.

To be more specific: if your focus is on lack, on poverty, on debt, and you strongly feel negative emotions about those things, then that’s the signal you put out into the universe. By doing so, you reinforce and affirm that as your reality, and unsurprisingly, your manifestation produces more of the same.

The Law Of Attraction is simply a law of nature, and it’s impersonal. It is incapable of discriminating between good or bad things, because “good” or “bad” are simply human judgments.

All the universe does is to receive your thoughts as you put them out, and reflect them back to you as your life experience. No wonder you get what you’re thinking about.

John Assaraf On Goal Setting

When you focus on things that you don’t want, such as, “I don’t want to be late”, “I don’t want to be in debt”, “I don’t want this”, “I don’t want that”, the universe picks up your thought processes, and the essence of them, and delivers them to you.

That’s because it works at a level beyond language. It works at the level of intention, of unconscious thought, of energetic attraction. That’s how negativity manifests –  people expect it to do so!

That’s why intense desire and complete belief, backed up by emotional energy, are by far the most effective ways of getting what you do want.

At first, this concept is hard to understand.

Brought up in a world where language dictates everything we do, you might think it strange that saying “I don’t want to be delayed” is an invitation to the universe to attract delays to you. But what you think about is truly made manifest, be that negative or positive.

You have to go beyond the concept of language and into the concept of energetic attraction. When you think about delays, you fear them.

When you fear them, you expect them. And when you expect them… they arrive, just as if you’d ordered them.

Manifestation & Law of Attraction

So Law Of Attraction is always working. It will always produce a manifestation of what you think about with sufficient intensity.

This happens whether you believe in the law or not, whether you understand it or not. And while I know some people will find hard this believe, the evidence of history proves this is how manifestation works.

When I say the evidence of history, I speak of the experience of people who have been able to make manifestation work for them over the centuries.

They all write the same thing about their experience: the consistent theme is that it’s just as easy to manifest negative as positive outcomes, and which you manifest depends on your predominant thought processes.

So Why Don’t I Get Everything I Think About?

It’s a reasonable question. We’re thinking all the time, constantly, even when we’re asleep. So why don’t we manifest every aspect of our thought processes? It’s because most of our thinking is done in an idle, offhand, unfocused way.

John Assaraf claims the average person changes focus every six seconds.

And I know it takes three weeks of repetition – at least, and maybe six weeks – to reprogram your mind to believe in any fundamental changes you wish to make. Six seconds vs six weeks? No contest.

So there simply isn’t the intensity of energy behind our everyday thought processes to make them manifest.

You’ll recall that the primary requirement for law of attraction to work is intense desire backed up by complete belief.

When I wrote about this in a previous post I said you have to be really, really passionate about what you want to create in your life. Only then do you stand a chance of making it happen.

Ordinary, everyday thoughts are not in any way really, really passionate!

They’re like an engine which is idling, ticking over all the time, but not going anywhere because the driver hasn’t engaged the gears or put his foot on the accelerator.

What I’d add is that most people live unfocused lives, which they often feel are pointless, because that is the way they think: unfocused and pointless. They feel their lives are dissatisfying and lacking fulfillment.

I don’t mean to be disparaging when I use the word pointless. What I simply mean is this: there is no focal point on which the universe can concentrate. So instead the universal Law Of Attraction produces, well, pointlessness, unfocused activity, dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment.

Bill Harris tells a story of one of his students who was gay, and constantly outlined all the “grim realities” of his life. In his job, he said his co-workers were prejudiced and ganged up against him.

In his life, as he walked down the street, homophobic people accosted him. He tried to become a stand-up comedian, but was heckled about being gay. He was miserable and unhappy in every area of his life, and he attributed it all to being gay.

After a little bit of tuition, explaining how he was focusing exclusively on being gay and the negative consequences of it, backed up with a passionate sense of the injustice being meted out to him, with thinking that was almost exclusively about the negative consequences of being gay, he started focusing on the more positive aspects of his life.

After six weeks, he reported what sounded like a “miracle”. All the people in his office who had been attacking him either left the company or were transferred or started leaving him alone.

Nobody harassed him in the street any more, ever. And when he did stand-up comedy routines, he received standing ovations.

All because he changed his thought process.

He went from focusing on things he wanted to avoid, or which he found intolerable, or which caused him pain, or which he was afraid of, and instead started to focus on the things that he did want.

By changing his thoughts, he changed the energy he was sending out into the universe. No matter how  amazing or impossible this may sound, the universe MUST, indeed is obliged to, respond to your thoughts when they are sent out with sufficient intensity. That’s why it’s called a Law Of Attraction.

Video: Bill Harris.

Mike Dooley, one of the more impressive speakers about manifesting change in our current era, tells the story of how he started a career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Florida.

Before long, he was nearly fired for total incompetence in the audit department, to the extent where he was left alone in the office rather than be given assignments.

So he began to visualize himself happy at work – even though he was completely miserable – and within six weeks was loaned to the tax department of the same company, where his career “took off like a space shuttle”, and where he achieved some of the happiest experiences of his life.

Indeed, his first success at turning his thoughts into things, at manifesting his reality, was so impressive that he created a vision board as a tool to help him picture the details of the life he really wanted.

He pasted pictures of his fancy car, his condo, his house, and so on, as well as pictures of foreign places that he might visit – London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris.

Two years later he was given a two-year assignment by his employer in the Middle East. And soon, while having breakfast at the Regent Hotel in Hong Kong, in transit to the United States on home leave, he looked out of the two story plate-glass window surrounding him while he sipped his coffee over breakfast, and realized with shock that he was sitting in front the exact view of Hong Kong Island which he had cut and pasted onto his vision board just two years earlier.

Manifest A Loving Relationship

By the way, this kind of coincidence is an experience often reported by people who use manifestation and law of attraction to create what they want in their lives.

In my own life, I spent three months visualizing my ideal partner, because I wanted to get into a new relationship.

Every afternoon, I’d spend time visualizing myself in a beautiful, loving relationship, thinking through every detail of what it would be like to be loved and loving in return.

One afternoon, for no obvious reason, the vision of a blonde haired woman with an amethyst crystal on a necklace flashed into my mind….

……And about eight weeks later I was on a Greek island, on holiday, sitting under a pine tree when I looked up to see exactly the woman who had flashed into my mind sitting opposite me.

The rest, as they say, is history: still together, 13 years later and happier than ever. I don’t seek to explain this, I just accept it.

The power of the subconscious mind in producing what you desire cannot be underestimated.

Mike Dooley goes on to tell the story of how he received first choice of cities in the United States where he could work when his assignment in the Middle East was finished.

He went to Boston, where he bought his dream condo, and 18 months later, quit this fantastic job to pursue another dream…. founding his own company. For three years this was an enormous success, netting $10 million in sales worldwide.

And then, as so often happens, there was what he calls a “train wreck” in his life. You know the kind of thing we’re talking about: financial difficulties, emotional difficulties, achievements lost….getting to the lowest point of all…..

The kind of experience, in fact, which many people report having at some point on their path to a better place while using the principles and practice of universal laws of attraction.

Of this experience, Mike says: “It’s odd how the ‘calamity’ now seems like a hazy memory from a distant past life. In fact, as I revisit those times in order to tell you my story … it seems almost impossible for me to believe … because within 24 months of the seeming derailment, I had one of the hottest selling self-improvement audio programs in the world.”

He goes on to say: “12 months after that, I had already begun a world tour that would deliver this very material. And 24 months after that, I was featured in the international film and book phenomenon The Secret. Since then, while many more wonderful things have happened, the professional achievement that has meant most to me was when my book Infinite Possibilities debuted on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Yet even better than all these things combined, for the first time in my life … I am creatively fulfilled and loving what I do: teaching and helping people round the world, even as I teach and help myself.”

Now, are YOU ready to wake up from a life less lived, and become aware of your own power? To become aware of the power you have to create the world around you?