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The Spiritual Side of Life

Spiritual Aspects of Reality Creation

Every object in the world around you is a miracle – every action your body takes, every breath, every heartbeat, every piece of food digestive – is a miracle.

The fact that you can think, learn, and create is a miracle. The fact that we as species have the capacity to understand the world around us at the atomic level is a miracle. The fact that we can create the most wonderful artworks, and that we can conceive visions and bring them into reality, is a miracle.

But what is it that drives all of these things? It is, in short, vitality, the life force – aka spirit, soul, life energy, higher power, or divine energy… Or you can fill in your own word for it here.

However, being spiritual, by which I mean having a sense of your connection with the energies and powers beyond yourself, isn’t actually essential for manifestation.

But it’s going to make it a lot easier if you have sense of spirituality. That’s because everything that you manifest on this planet is produced by your connection with the cosmic intelligence.

But even so, if you simply write your goals every morning over and over for a long period of time, you’re quite likely to manifest many of them. There’s no spirituality involved in that!

In other words, it’s perfectly possible to manifest something without ever investigating the world of spirit, spiritual connection or soul-based work. And indeed there are many people who deny that any kind of spirituality exists.

Yet for those who do believe, it is beyond our capacity to express in words. We access spirituality through meditation, or through transpersonal experiences perhaps induced by breath work, or psychotherapy, or even great moments of energetic flow in the presence of magnificent artwork or music.

And when we experience moments of connection with the divine – as can happen in meditation – there’s an understanding that comes which simply tells us that we really are part of something much bigger than ourselves, yet at the same time, we are a part of this great energy. (A perfect basis for manifestation, let it be said.)

Video – Manifestation and Spirituality

Video – Connection With The Divine

Experiences like this can raise many profound questions, including the fundamental ones: who am I, and what am I?

Obviously you have a physical body, in which your soul or spirit resides, but you also have a rich emotional life and a rich mental life, which may or may not be located in some sense within the brain, or which may be epiphenomena of the brain’s activity.

The power of the mind is only dimly beginning to be understood by scientists working in the field. Its power is almost unlimited: indeed, the mind is the most expansive part of each and every one of us, the most wonderful and miraculous source of everything we wish to manifest – or at least, the mechanism by which it can be manifested.

And you can consciously enter the world of your spirit by turning inwards, and using processes like meditation and visualization to gain access to a different way of being in the world.

It may be that when you do this, you realize the truth of the saying which goes something like this: “We aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience from time to time, we are spiritual beings having a constant physical experience.”

Many texts over the years have  emphasized the need for us to live a spiritual life, or at least for us to have a spiritual aspect to our lives.

The reason for this is that living with some kind of spiritual practice reminds us that God, the Universal Intelligence, the Cosmic Consciousness, the Power Greater Than Ourselves, the Vital Force, the Great Mystery, The Oneness, or whatever you choose to call it, is all knowing, all-powerful, and omnipotent as well as omnipresent.

And, as you probably know, what that means is that this force is part of you, within you, around you, and you are part of that force.

Clearly the more easily you can connect with The Universal Intelligence, the more easily you’ll be able to manifest what you want. That’s because access to the level where your subconscious mind can communicate with universal energy is much more readily available to you.

And so it’s a good idea to have a daily spiritual practice of some kind which can help you to remember who you truly are – a vital part of the universe around you.

Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course, from where these ideas are taken, talks about his spiritual practice, which, over the years, has changed from a period of simple affirmations every morning to deep relaxation, energetic awareness, guided meditation, creative visualization.

You can find your own spiritual practice easily enough if you set out with the intention to do so. There are so many options that it’s difficult to list even a small selection of them here, but my own practice is to stand in the garden every morning and thank each of the archetypes that I feel active within me – The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician, and above all The Sovereign, who directs my life.

Practicing gratitude is also important to me, because this makes me aware that no matter how I might feel about the world, or see the future of the world, I have far more things to be grateful for than despondent about.

(As you might recall, gratitude is thought by many to be an essential element of successful manifestation.)

I haven’t yet tried consciously praying to God, asking him, as Marc Allen does, “What is your will?” But it sounds like a good exercise to try, opening up a channel of communication between me and the universe around me, allowing me to listen to my intuition, and perhaps also to the voice of The Universe, speaking through my subconscious, and offering me inspiration and guidance.

This seems to me to be an essential element of the process of manifestation. Sure, as I said above, you can manifest things without a spiritual practice, but why deny your wholeness as part of the universal energy? Surely we are meant to experience this as part of our lives?

Marc Allen, although I have never met the man, has served as an inspirational guide to me in many ways.

Not least of these is the way in which he frames his goals and objectives: he offers the example of five goals which were important to him at the time that he wrote the book – as long ago as 2003!

When he reflects on them, or offers them up to the universe, however you want to put it, he always precedes thinking of them with the following words:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all I pray …

  • I am doing God’s will, guided by spirit every moment. This is enlightenment.
  • My company to continues to grow, reaching $ X in sales and $ X in profit this year.
  • My books have a great impact in the world. I take a quantum leap in my writing success, selling over X copies of my books over the next two years.
  • My music is expressed beautifully, with grace, ease, and lightness. It takes a quantum leap in its success in the world and impersonal satisfaction.
  • My marriage and family life, and times alone, are sources of great joy, grace, ease, and lightness.

And at the end, Marc offers up the following invocation: “This, or something better, is now manifesting, in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all.”

In this way, Marc talks about his increasing awareness of the phenomenal power of prayer. And although he never uses the word manifestation, or at least I don’t recall him using the word manifestation, he is certainly using the process of co-creation with the power of the universe – and that is, to me at least, is another word for the process of manifestation.